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Thursday, 10 March 2011

My Dream Girl

My girl who'd watch the Sun sets with me.

My girl with adorable round eyes.

My girl with luscious lips.

My girl with gorgeous smiles.

My shorty girl.

My girl with short/medium/long/curly/wavy/messy hair.

My girl who understands me.

My girl who cares.

My girl with sense of humor.

My girl who knows how to cook.

My girl with great personalities.

My girl who laughs at my jokes whether she gets it or not every single time.

My girl who when teased by me or when I say she's ugly, she knows I
meant the other way around. She knows it's my special way of complementing.

My girl who'd dance, crack jokes, sing, eat, & act retardedly with me.

My girl who loves watching me asleep.

My girl who knows I tend to get cranky when I'm tired.

And if I am asking too much then all I need is a girl who would love me,  for who I am just the way I love her for who she is.

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