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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A Day With My Wingman

 Muka Toyee hahah
Ehem2 ; )

Played badminton today with Abengoh at Suria Courts next to Mydin in USJ. We had a blast! He trained me today. We pushed ourselves to the limit, but I still suck - .-". There's lot of room for improvement, I have to train harder. I L O V E B A D M I N T O N! : D

Monday, 28 March 2011

Woman of My Life

Today is my Mother's Birthday a.k.a Nina binti Abdullah. Selamat Hari Lahir Ibu, smoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, & dirahmati Allah. Aminn. I love you Ibu :' D We had dinner together with Dad & my lil' Bro at Restoran Penang Nyonya at Subang Parade. The food was quite good, I'll give you that. Ayah bought Ibu a new Hand Phone.

 From her is where I got my looks from ; )
 That's my Ayah a.k.a Hisham bin Idris : D
 Like Father, like Son ; P
 Romantik bagai ; P
 Penang Fried Kuey Teow
 Unknown Mee that Ibu had - .-
 Pie Tee (Delicious) : D
 Birthday Girl's Present ^_^
 My lil' Bro a.k.a Haziq bin Hisham
We heart you Ibu! :' D

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Alone No Longer

For weeks I've been jogging alone at MPSJ, but not today heheh. Two of my kerdil, kenit kementot friends came to MPSJ and jogged with me. After done jogging I accompanied them to USJ 1 : D They walked from SS17 to USJ 8, for ONCE and this time ONLY I have to admit they're awesome. There I said it happy now? -. -" Btw sorry for being late ; P Twas fun, really made my day : D

Eisya Ereena
& Emi Ezzati
 Pekerja Ladang Teh hahahaha!
Pergh handsome tol mamat nihh ; P

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wonderful Wednesday !

A W E S O M E ! Today that is : D First off I want to wish Happy 17th Birthday to my friend Hazelnut. (Bukan nama sebenar) May Allah bless you & watch over you always. Amiin : D

 Maaf la kalau gambar nie buruk ya, dua kali pandang macam pontianak hahahah! jgn marah ; P
This is what I brought for her bday : )

So before we gave the present to her, we fetched Abengoh & Mokngoh, then drop Abengoh at his CC, and then we fetch his Mom and dropped her off at Summit & then we dropped Mokngoh at KTM Subang. Then Abengoh's Mom talked about marrying the both of them early next year. Hahaha! Just kidding ; P

 Si korean & si cina hahah
 Abengoh's Mom
The Summit USJ : D
Bragas hahah!
KTM Subang Jaya
Then we headed to SS17 to meet her.

After that we decided to chill at Abelong's house, on our way there we were hungry and saw a Rojak Stall next to the road. We stopped and nom nom nom : D

Hohoo delicious no? ; )
 Nom nom nom
Tergoda ke? hahahah!

After nom nom nom the delicious, marvelous, yummy Rojak we finally headed to Abelong's house. We played Tekken 6 and I owned him ; P (well deuce actually)

Overall today is just plain, pure awesome : D Here's the rest of the pics.

 Abe-abe gedang ; )
 I'm loving my original, brownish hazel eyes. Thank you Allah ; D
 Muka mintak kaki
Claark Kent. Jeng3* ; P