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Thursday, 17 March 2011

There's not a better day than today ;D

I'm awesome like that, I know ; D

Asalamualaikumwarrahmatullahiwabarakatuh people : D So today was a very great day. Hanging with my brothers & sisters has always been fun. They always put a smile on my face, even though deep down I had so much sorrow inside and yet they manage to make me happy without even knowing it or even trying. We hung out at Sunway Pyramid today. You know sometimes I feel like I'm bothering Abengoh & Mokngoh dating, 'cause everytime they went to Sunway for the movies I followed. Plus we're not even double dating hahah just me. We watched two movies today, Beastly & Big Momma. Big Momma was freaking hilarious, & Beastly touched my heart. Wish my love life was like that : ) Enough of the vain-ness, moving on. Check out the pictures : D

They're so adorable aren't they? I'm happy seeing that they are happy together. Reminds me of my past. I pray for them to live a happy life, & may they stay together for as long as they breath, insyAllah Amin. I'm sorry if I ever troubled you people, you're everything I got. You guys are my family and I every single one of you ;' D


  1. big momma best??? gonna que that on my movie list!

  2. Maafla x reply saya x prasan awak comment, best2 sangt best but I think you've watched by now hahah