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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I Was Created to Love Just One Girl

I actually wrote this for the girl who I love so dearly. It was two weeks after we were official. Two weeks after I devoted my love for her. Two weeks after I gave her my heart & soul.
I remember how shy we were at first towards each other.
How we didn't like each other at first, but ended up being together for 2 years
Through the good and the bad.
We stood by each other.

But I guess, somehow I knew something bad were to happen to us. 
And I guess the 'old me' wrote this in the past,
 for us in the present time.

This was for you Nur Ain, 
The light to my eyes :)

I can't imagine being anywhere else but here.

How the hell did you ever pick me?

"Honestly I could sing you a 'song', but I don't think words can express your beauty."

I fell in love from the moment we 'kissed'.

Can't fall asleep 

I lay in my bed 'awake', as I dream of you.

 "I'll fall in love with you, you'll fall in love"

It could mean everything, 'everything' to me.

It's 'the way' that we are,
it's 'the reason' I stay.

As long as you are here with me, I know I'll be okay.

They say that love is forever,
 your  forever is all I need.

Please stay as long as you need,

Can't promise that things won't be broken,
But I swear that I will never leave.


-Sleeping With Sirens.