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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Another day, another fray

First off, people meet Batrisyia my lil' sister : D


She's very photogenic. Every morning she'll ask me this "Abang amek gambar Sya." Adorable no? Like brother like sister ; P So today was another ordinary Friday, Same ol' same ol'. Went for Friday Prayer with these awesome people.

 Abelong's big bro Abe Shafik
 Jabbar a.k.a T.O.P (The Original People)
and here's fugly - .-"

And yeah worked out at MPSJ like always, accept today it was drizzling. The breeze and the raindrop, I love them.  Lots of things were going through my mind. Good job Farhan you managed to push yourself to the limit today, you're awesome ; D Owh and it's Atok's birthday tomorrow, gotta get up early to help them with the birthday suprise. Should be fun tomorrow!

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