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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Adios Amigos

Today was my last day at Radioactive after working for 1 month and 7 days. Why you ask? Cause they transferred sales assistants from Genting to Sunway so yeah. They say they might be calling me in back but I hardly believe so. So What I'm gonna do is take the week off, chill, workout, get my driving license and other bunch of stuffs then I'll look for another part time job. I'm gonna miss them all especially Zyra (tolol), Nanang, Nan, Kak Sue, JR., Yat, Gary, Joanne and Kak Sham. I hope they'll miss me : ( They're all really nice, warm, cool people. I love working with people like them. We're basically like a big happy family. We share our foods & drinks, we hangout, and we care about each other. I'm thankful to have met such people. Thankful for the lessons they've taught me. Thankful for the joys they've brought. And especially thankful for experiences I've gained through them. I'll pray for them always. Here's the pics enjoy : D

This is Zyra (Tolol) She reminds me a lot of the Dwarf I once knew : ) From the way she talks, laughs, height are all quite similar. 

This is Nanang (Si Jongang) She's really nice and mean at the same time hahah.

She's the coolest. I love it when she's in charge cause she's not strict and ice cool ; )

This is Nan. He taught me a thing or two more about Islam (Budak pondok dulu nih)

This is Kak Sham (Mak Cik a.k.a Lady Gagap) Dia suka Pak Tam hahah! (Negros)

This is Gary (The Sporting Boss) He's one of the coolest boss evar!

This is Joanne. The cute one : D

This is JR. He's been on my neck for the first week I've started working there, but we're cool after that ; D

And lastly Yat. I didn't like her at first but now I think she's okay ; )

Monday, 27 June 2011

Apple & Watermelon Mascapone

Lah sangat hahaha! I was hungry the other night after I got back from work. Opened my fridge grab an apple (my fave) dice em' up + dice of watermelon (my fave) + 3 large scoops of vanilla ice cream (and yes my fave too) 




Sedap bai hahah sorry update sampah mengarut tah pape. I'll update again real soon, pwomise ; )

Monday, 13 June 2011

My Very Own Pair of Lungs

Yesterday after work I hung out with my best friends which is Abelong, Abengoh & Abegeding (Fizi) at Sunway Pyramid. We went for the movies. X-Men First Class was FREAKING AWESOME! Seriously you guys have to go on watch it, trust me you won't regret it ; ) Plus I won free 2 movie tics trough a lucky draw, and I know just the right person to bring to the movies with ; D  I had a good time today, but I hate knowing that a good friend of mine has fallen ill at home while I'm enjoying myself. Please get well soon. I don't like worrying about you like this. "Ya Allah sembuhkanlah penyakit sahabat baik Nur Raihan ku Ya Allah, sesungguhnya penyembuh Mu tidak meninggalkan sebarang penyakit." Amiiin. Here's the rest of the pics, enjoy.

 Here's the free tics valid till 30th Oct 2011 : D

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Photo Recap

Old to new in an orderly manner. Enjoy : D

Sometime in 2006
-I was freaking fat, weighed at 150kg. Wow I know

Sometime in 2007
-The end of my High School years

Sometime in 2009
-Last day of clubbing. Believe me or not I've never drank alcohol. Got bored of clubbing, guess it's just not my thing. 

Sometime in October 2009
-Fat I know

Sometime in January 2010
-See how fat I was  "haaaa haaaa haaa haah haaa haa"

January 10th 2010
-Trip to Melaka

February 1st 2010
-Boys Like Girls Concert at Mont Kiara

March 27th 2010
-Last day of my glory shuffle days

April 14th 2010
-A day at JM Beriani

June 16th 2010
-Digital 12 1st comp

June 6th 2010
-Celebrated her 19th birthday at Pavilion 

July 14th 2010
-Best ABC evarrr!

August 3rd 2010
-Trip to Fraser Hill

August 24th 2010
-Best hairdo by Abengoh 

September 14th 2010
-Last time eating kimbab with her

October 8th 2010
-Trip to Port Dickson

November 15th 2010
-Last Raya with her and yes I'm fat

January 11th 2011
-"Have no fear! SuperAan is here!"

January 30th 2011
-A day at Shah Alam

March 29th 2011
-A little less chubby, and a lil' tad bit masculine

March 3rd 2011
-Abg Espa's and Kak Surya's wedding day

April 11th 2011
-Celebrated Ibu's birthday

April 29th 2011
-Ordinary morning

May 1st 2011
-A day with Ian

May 2nd 2011
-A day with Ian

May 22nd 2011
-Ordinary day

-As you can see throughout the years a lot has changed. From My sense of style, my looks top to bottom, sad and happy moments, everything's pretty much up there. Guess my life is pretty much okay and I'm thankful for that. InsyaAllah my life will get better and will go a lot smoother in due time, Amiin.