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Currently 24. I enjoy editing videos. I've been broken, I've been bruised. But that won't stop me, from making my dreams come true. Say or do whatever you want about me 'cause I couldn't care less.

Friday, 30 September 2011

My Lifetime Achievement


This is something I feel that I have to achieve at least once in my life time. It doesn't have to be now or tomorrow, it could be anytime. Something for me to look up to. An achievement for me to be proud of myself. I'm working hard to do so. InsyaAllah one day I'll get to join one and maybe I might not be joining 'alone', one day : )

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Don't Get Too Caught Up With This World, For This World Is Only Temporary

Renung-renungkanlah wahai saudara-saudari ku. "Dunia ini ibarat penjara bagi orang mukmin dan Jannah bagi orang kafir" (H/R Muslim).

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Eid ul-Fitr

Roxas bai hahah!

Assalamualaikum warrahmtullah hiwabaraktuh, hey readers how have you been? How was your Eid? Great I hope? Mine went through the roof ; D This year's Eid was the best I've ever had. I'm glad and thankful that I still had the chance to meet my relatives. I love each and every one of you, even though some of you don't feel like so, but it doesn't matter : ) Thank you Atok, Ibu, Ayah, Mama, Haziq and the others. You guys made my life a memorable one, and worth living for. "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir sahaja (batin lambat lagi wehh)" Enjoy the pics, I'll update more of the pics soon.

 Proses buat Briani Daging Rusa (Anak2 teruna yang rajen ; P)
 My big hapy family : D
 Proses buat the famous Air Bandung Muar, mula2 masuk ais dan kordial sirap F&N
 kedua susu cair dan pastikan ia sejuk kalau x nanti dia clutter
 gaul2 sket
 then baru masuk ais krim soda and garam segenggam, and voila siap : D
Kachak x saya? hahaha!

 Setiap tahun bila raya mak aku ar yang rajen beli bunga api, kadang2 sampai 2-3 kotak
and this is my beloved grandmother Atok, mudah2han kita dapat berpuasa dan menyambut Syawal bersama lagi di tahun hadapan. Amiin.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Signs That The Guy Loves You

I've been there and I wasn't given a second chance, but I don't blame her. But to the girls out there, please, if a guy would do anything as the video states. Marry him, seriously he's the best guy you'll ever have. And as it states everyone makes mistakes, and people can change. Don't give up on him, and please give him a second chance. I've been there so I know what it feels like, and trust me it's not a pleasant feeling, at all. Us guys are not perfect and so are you. InsyaAllah you'll know what to do. Don't give up, cause we won't.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Unexpected Event

This is an essay which I made for a friend of mine (her assignment) the topic was unexpected event slash romantic. So this is what I came up with, enjoy : D

 They say that your first true love is always the hardest to forget and that every single happiest moments that 
you've shared and experienced together with that person will never leave you, ever. This is a story about a guy that was caught in a situation which he didn't saw it coming and had totally caught him of guard. Murffy was just another average guy. Averange height, average weight, quite talkative, a little shy here and there, quite the joker, active and a very outgoing, adventurous kind of person. He's the kind of guy who girls wouldn't take a second glance at or to drool for. In his past love life, a couple of events had occured so bad that he later on had a hard time to trust or fell in love with another girl but, all that changed when Murffy met Eryqa. They had known each other through MySpace. They chatted for quite some time, they shared and exchanged informations from birth dates, hobbies, to names and where they live. After a few weeks later, Eryqa fell in love with him. Eventhough she hasn't met him in real life before but they've video chatted quite a number of times and she was definitely sure of him, that he was the guy, he was the one. She was flattered with his sense of humor, his sensitiveness, and most of all she was prone to his soft spots. She didn't cared about his looks, all she cared about was his heart and his honesty. Eryqa on the other hand was just the right girl for Murffy, 4 foot' 5 inches tall, beautiful lips, gorgeous smiles, black hair and cute hazel brown eyes. They declared their love towards each other on the very first date that they've ever had. Thus began a whole new chapter of Murffy's love life. They were like the perfect couple, he knew that her favourite colour was green, she loves pastel colours, she hates shiny stuffs, dislikes golden jewelries, and that she loves cats just as much as he does. They were so happy together and loved being around each other, and they even had their family's blessings. As if nothing could break them apart nor bring them down. Always together, for better or for worst. That was how perfect their love was, until one day Murffy took a wrong turn at a crossroad and could never go back. Like every other couple, they had their ups and downs moments, disagreements, small fights and pretty bad quarrels. After a year and a half, their relationship started to crumble down and slowly fell apart. Murffy broke all his promises and oaths and had an affair with another girl, Nadine. It didn't took long for Eryqa to figure out about their dirty little affair which had shattered her little fragile heart into pieces. Murffy made the biggest mistake that he had ever regretted in his whole life that was, choosing Nadine over Eryqa. It was like choosing a bad fruit over a ripe one. It was because of that one decesion it had changed his whole course way of life forever and had left the biggest impact on his life. Murffy later figured that Nadine's not like Eryqa at all, she didn't had any of the traits that Eryqa owned. Nadine wasn't even near to close to her, not one bit. So Murffy dumped Nadine and went back to Eryqa after she had tried and worked so hard to making him realise that she, Eryqa was always the one for him and had never stopped loving him. Murffy and Eryqa was happy to be together again, everything went back to normal, back to how it should've been but then, soon not long after, Karma butts in and did her job. Eryqa she, she had fell in love with another guy. According to her, Zack was way better than Murffy. So much better that Eryqa didn't feel a thing for Murffy anymore, except symphaty. Murffy no longer owns that crowned jewel heart of her's. One of the biggest reasons that Eryqa fell for Zack was for the heartbreak that Murffy gave her. A heartbreak that was so bad to a point that there was no way for Murffy to mend her broken heart nor regain his rightful throne. Until to this day Murffy still seeks for her forgiveness. Maybe one day, who knows if God willing they'll cross each other's paths again, maybe one day they will.