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Saturday, 12 March 2011

I'm blessed with such wonderful friends & family

Played badminton today with Abengoh and Ruben's friends. Abengoh is the one in black to the left. We had so much fun. They're awesome and very friendly too, especially Ruben. We played from 9.30 till 12. Then I attended Abang Ezfa's and Kakak Surya's function in SS15, pity I didn't snap any pictures - .-". After that I accompanied them to my Aunt's house which was in Kosas, Ampang 'cause they don't know the way. I'll post up some pics of the newly weds soon, once I have their pics (and mine). Just wanna let the world know that Abang Ezfa is awesome, he inspires me so much. I'm glad that I'm blessed with a cousin like him and  (syukur alhamdulillah) I wanna be just like him : D

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