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Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Dream Girl 2

My girl who's awesome just the way she is.

My girl who's beautiful without having any make up on.

My girl who acts like her own self when I'm around and never pretends
to like something if she dislikes it.

My girl who's honest, if she thinks I look horrible in a particular attire she'll say so.

My girl who never plays with her words.

My girl who respect others and especially the elders.

My girl who's playful.

My girl who's sporting.

My girl who love kids just as much as I do.

My girl who inspires me.

My girl who's sentimental.

My girl who's creative and bright.

My girl who has pale white/white/yellow/brown/light brown/dark brown skin.

My girl who dresses up carefree yet still look great in them.

My girl who doesn't drink/smoke.

My girl who doesn't do clubbing/parties.

My girl who's patience.

My girl who plays sports.

My girl who would forgive me for my mistakes. For I am only a mere
human being who tends to make mistakes yet I learn from the trials and errors.

My girl who believes in me.

My girl who loves to share almost everything with me.

My girl who's independent.

Just so you people know, I didn't copy all this from anywhere. I'm just expressing my thoughts of my dream girl.

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