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Currently 24. I enjoy editing videos. I've been broken, I've been bruised. But that won't stop me, from making my dreams come true. Say or do whatever you want about me 'cause I couldn't care less.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

My Uncle

Jumaat, 29 April 2011. Semalam Baharuddin Idris (Pak Uda ku), meninggal dunia di dalam tidur. Jenazah dimandi, dikapan & disolatkan di Masjid Putra Perdana, Puchong sblm dibawa ke Tanah Perkuburan Pandamaran, Pelabuhan Klang untuk disemadikan berhampiran kubur arwah Wan. Aku tidak pernah mandikan jenazah dan aku juga tidak pernah menjejakkan kaki ke dalam lubang kubur. Semalam adalah pengalaman pertama buatku yang tidak akan aku lupakan. Walaupun aku tidak berapa rapat dengan Arwah, tetapi kehilangannya turut aku rasai. Saat aku mencium dahi Arwah, adalah saat aku tidak berhenti menitiskan air mata. Walaupun sedih melihat Arwah meninggalkan aku, aku redha. Aku juga sempat melawat kubur Wan. Aku rindu masakan Wan. Aku rindu sangat kat Wan. Semoga Allah swt mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh mereka berdua & ditempatkan dikalangan orang yg beriman. Alfatihah.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Past Few Midnights, It 'Rained'

 It's been 'raining' for the past few days at night in my bedroom. Not because of my past, not even close. Have you ever felt lonely even though your friends & families are always there for you? I get that feeling from time to time, & I hate it. Cause when I do, I'll get all sulky & depressed, then it 'rains'. Yeah I cry so what? I'm not ashamed to admit that I shed tears. Just because I'm a guy, that doesn't mean I can't cry. I am but only human just like you people. I have feelings, I have my own needs, and I have my own insecurities. Guess my need is to be loved by someone special who'd really understand me, & my insecure is being lonely.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Man Of The Day, Abengoh

My Wingman

Today on 22nd April and like every other year it's his date of birth. Yup it's Abengoh's birthday : D Selamat Hari Jadi Abengoh, smoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, dan dirahmati Allah selalu. Amin. Abechik, Abelong, Mokngoh & everyone else loves you, we love you so much. I'm glad I have a big brother like you to look up to. I'm glad and thankful that Allah has blessed me you as my best friend, so are you Abelong & and not forgetting you Adikchik as my little brother :' ) Me, Abengoh, Mokngoh, Abelong, Akmal & Rashid. All six of us, we went for steamboat near Sunway Pyramid to celebrate his birthday. I pray for you Abengoh. Always have, always will. Here's the pics enjoy ; D

 Abelong & Akmal
 Abengoh & Mokngoh
 Abechik : D
 Nom nom nom*
 Sodaaap : D
 Brothers for life ;' D
Dessert mmmm : D
Abechik Gedang ; P

Monday, 18 April 2011


This was me last year : D I miss the old days.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Human Beings

In my previous post I was just stating the truth, and I was a little bit pissed off, and I apologize for that. But you know you're not the only one with feelings, I have feelings too. I'm not some kind of a robot. Knowing you said all those things about me, it really broke my heart. But I guess you were mad at me at the time, and we always say things we don't mean when we're angry. I hope that's the case, but nevertheless I forgive you because we always make mistakes, each and every one of us. You are still my friend though, I can accept that status now. I hope things will work out for the both of us in the future, maybe one day you'll look me in my eyes and call me your friend : )

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Spot The Difference

 This was me 4 years back I weigh what 100kg++?
And this is me today : D I weigh 68kg now

I lost 12kg in one month plus. I need to lose another 8kg-16kg. But it's hard to keep track on my fats and my muscle mass. I lose fat and gain more muscles at the same time. Well I'm happy with my body so far, not so flabby here and there anymore. Soon I'll get the fit and toned body I always wanted. hopefully in 3-6 months time? I only do jogs, lunges, crunches, planks, pumps, monkey bar, play badminton and I don't go to the Gym. I intend to build pure muscle mass, gain pure muscle strength & more stamina. I don't want to get bulky and bigger, just toned and fit body. Now I'll have to work hard and train hard. I'll update you guys in a few months time
; )

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sublime Saturday

First I want to thank Dad for buying me badminton gears, I love you Ayah : D I went to Rawang today with Abengoh and Abe Geding to send Mokngoh home, but before that we played badminton at Rawang. T'was fun ; ) Then we ate at a Chinese Muslim Restaurant. The food was delicious, magnefic! Here's some pics.

Abe Geding a.k.a Fizi

Bloated and full : D