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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hyper Burpday

2nd of July, which was last Saturday was the day of my lil' nephew's birthday named Zaim Rayyan. He's officially 3 years old now. Time does fly really fast, he's so grown up now. I'm so proud of him :' ) I had a great time, played games with my lil' princess sister and the kids. I gave him a small little hush puppy with a santa hat soft toy while Ibu, Ayah & Trisyia gave him a giant teaddy bear hahah. Food? It's KFC need I say more?  ; ) I didn't get the chance to snap more photos though, so enjoy this not so many humble bunch of photos : )

 That's birthday boy right there : D
 My cousin Nisya a.k.a Bulat
 This is Mama. My number 2 mother that I've been telling you people about in my previous posts 
And my lil' princess Trisyia  cute just like her big brother. What? I'm just sayin' ; P

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