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Saturday, 30 July 2011


Here's the list of what I did on yesterday splendid Thursday : D
1.Went to College to pay my Re-Sit Exam Fees
2.Accompany Mama to Kelana Jaya
3.I went 'Disco' with my beloved brother

Yesterday was awesome, I love hanging out with my lil' brow, I love spending time with him. I'm glad he loves hanging out with me as much as I enjoy hanging out with him. I have the most awesome lil' brother I could ever ask for. I love you brother : ) (Sentuh salah satu adik-beradik aku, sepuluh tahun kau makan nasi guna straw)

 Roller Blades : D
 The Wheels
I'll be there for you  no matter what, you can rely on me your big brother always. Susah dan senang awak tetap adik kita, dan kita sentiasa sayangkan awak. Ingat tu :' )

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