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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

First off, I look bloody fat in these pics -_- And second here's my little princess Batrisyia (budak nih slalu terlebih gula) To be honest I didn't expect to have another sibling, in fact I didn't expect to have a little sister.
We're 15 years different in age (rezeki keluarga) Me and my brother are all grown up and she's just a little toddler, how cool is that? (dia manja ngan abang ke-2 dia) But it's fun to have a little todd' in the family. She really REALLY talks a lot. She's not like me at all (pemalu la katakan) She loves to dance around, sing, make up stories, quite the story teller she is hahah. Sometimes it gives me the creeps when she plays with her imaginary friends, she even named all 3 of them. (kadang2 dia ckap sorang2 kat dalam almari) That's all for today enjoy : D 

She combs my hair from time to time (xde kakak aku la jadi mangsa -_-)