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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Duran Duran

To be honest, I used to dislike them Durian. I don't know why -__ -". My whole family loves durian even my little princess (orang melayu panggil 'Hantu Durian') When I was little I liked them, then as I grew I dislike it, and now I love it! Kudos to my Abengoh. He taught me how to eat them again : D For those of you people who dislike them, you guys should try it (Perghh sedap gila baii, tapi lepas tu panah satu badan) Seriously, try it ; D It'll make your life worth while, you won't regret it (Belum cuba maka tak cinta) Okay today's update sucky mucky so muchy, I know -_- But! I have a couple more interesting updates coming soon, so yeah stay tune aight? Now feast your eyes on this! (below)

Sedap broo!

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