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Friday, 22 July 2011

The Video Editor That I Am

Videos? Yeah I love editing videos. What at first started off as just as nothing more than a silly hobby (editing shuffle videos), has now somewhat turned into a thing that I'm passionate for. Perhaps might even into a career, use that talent and put it to good use. As in to put food on my table (soon) insyaAllah. Time will tell. But yeah it's my field of expertise, sort of my thing as you people would say. I think it runs in the family. My Dad's a freelancer. He does ads on t.v and radio. (Perodua, Petronas, etc) My Mom she's into crafting and knitting. My Adekchik he's into graphics, and he's going to further study I.E (Interior Design) My little princess on the other hand, well I still have no idea what she's into. If she's into dancing/acting/singing/etc, then voilà we have a family full of right brained people : D Here's some of the best videos I've ever edited (least that's what I think) Enjoy : D

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