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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Collector That I Am

Yeap you guessed it right, I love collecting stamps. It has been my hobby since I was a little toddler. Mama taught me how to collect them, because back in the days she used to travel a lot and she has quite a few friends all over the globe. Some of it are from her friends, some of it is from my Aunty Ngah and so I've been collecting them ever since. From (Asia) Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong etc, to (Europe) UK, Ger etc, to the (States) US, Canada, etc. It's really fun : D I've only maxed out two of my albums, I still have tons more of  un-peeled stamps. But I've stopped collecting them when I got into high school and moved out of Mama's house. Now that I've returned, it brings back the old memories. Gotta get myself a new stamps album. Have I told you that I'm quite the sentimental guy? Well now you know, I got that trait from my Ibu. I think I'm more to my mother, from my traits, my looks (ehem2) and personality. Unlike my little brother and sister, they're more to my Dad. I'm the only one who looks a lot like my mother, guess you could say I'm quite unique hahah ; D Anyhow, here's a peek on my stamp collections. Owh and if you people happen to collect stamps too, I'd love to look at your collections and who knows maybe we could trade? Enjoy : )

Here's my little black old box that to this day I still use them to keep un-peeled stamps : D

Owh and I collect coins too but it's not really my kind of thing, 'cause coins are harder to collect rather than collecting stamps. I have quite a small collection from South Afrika, MAS, US, UK, HK, Japan, Philippine, and etc. 

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