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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Path of the Masculine

Hey people, once again another update : D Since my pay from last month couldn't afford to pay for my driving license class, so I thought I might as well invest my money and put it to good use. Saw the picture above? Yep I now have my very own mini gym kit, yeay! Hahah, but, but I'm still short of 3 important items to complete my whole mini gym set, that is a Barbell, an EZ Curl, and a Swiss Ball. Maybe I'll grab 'em next month (InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki lagi) So yeah although I didn't mention a mini gym set in my "Things to get & Places to travel to" list this was indirectly right behind my number #1 that is to get a driver license and in front of number #2 which is get a Polaroid. I think I've invested my money at the right stuffs, least for now I can buff my self easier and stay fit while achieving my other goals. So enough of chit chat let's cut to the chase, let me break it all down for you people.
A skipping rope. I'm still trying to get used to it and trust me it's not as easy as it looks - __ -


Men's Health BEST. These are by far the best, well-written, detailed guide book I've ever read. It has everything from how to treat and prevent injuries, diets and nutrition, guides and motivation, and it covers workouts that uses weights and workouts that are weight-free for all parts of the body from the top chest to the bottom legs.  

 RM115 (Each)

My very own 2 set of 10kg Dumbells : D


Now this baby is what I love the most. this is  the 5 in 1 Door Gym Set. With this I can do chin ups, pull ups, elevated crunches (when I install it at the top part of the door), sit ups, crunches and even dips (when I install it at the bottom part of the door) It's really sturdy and safe, I recommend you people to buy this than the normal chin up bar, trust me it's worth the money ; ) Here's a look on how it works (pictures below)

All-together it costs me a whopping RM376.90. That's a lot of cheese coming out of my pocket, but yeah it's put to good use. I'm happy about it
; D

And here's me after working out for almost 3 months (without weights, just push ups, chin ups, pull ups, sit ups, crunches, jog and a horrible diet. I'm quite pleased with the results but I believe I could have gotten better results, and to be honest I was quite lazy to work out. See I have man boobs and still a lot flabby here and there - __ - So now that I'm motivated and excited with my new very own mini gym set, we'll see how it goes in another 1 to 3 months time. Stay tune ; ) (owh and if you're thinking why I'm all wet, it's because I've just worked out so yeah that explains the sweaty situation heheh)

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