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Friday, 5 August 2011

For The Greater Good (Revised)

Okay here's the plan for my Year End Coming Goal 2011. My exam is going to be sometime in December, which means I have around 3-4 more months to gain some paper to achieve my goals for this year. Here's the layout.

1 Hour = RM3.80 RM4.00
1 Day = RM30.40 RM32.00
1 Month = RM790.40 RM832.00
4 Months = RM2371.20 RM3328.00

Trip To And Back From Work

1 Day = RM2
1 Month = RM52
3 Months = RM156

Monthly Expenses

Bank = RM100
Allowance = RM40
Transport Fee = RM52

Put all of that into account...
RM790 RM832 (Monthly Pay) - RM100 (Bank) - RM52 (Transport Fee) - RM40 (Allowance) =

RM598 RM640 (After Budget Cut) x  3  4 = RM1794 RM2560 (4 Months Pay) + {RM100 (Standard

Commission Per Month) x 4 = 400} - RM150 (Late Prediction

Within  3  4 months) = RM1644 RM2810 (Total)

Year End Goal

Driving License = RM1200
Fuji Instax 210 Wide Camera (Polaroid) = RM400 
Drum Kit = RM1300
Trip to Thailand, Bangkok = RM1000
Motorbike (FZ) = RM???

Total - Year End Goal
RM1644 RM2810  (After Monthly Expenses Budget Cut) - 

RM1200 (Driving License For Both Bike And Car) =

RM444 RM1610 (Total Balance)


I'd have to push forward my polaroid (maybe I could still get a polaroid by this year), drum, and holiday to my next year 2012 Goal. Since I can't afford to, yet : ( But at least (insyaAllah) I'll get a driving license for and a bike and also a car if Ayah is willing to take out his EPF (Nak Myvi baru tau Ayah? Saga FL pon cun gak hahah)  which will make my and my family's life a whole lot easier. Easy for me to travel back and forth from college and much more easier to get a part time job so that I could earn some pocket money for myself, easy to travel with my family, and save my family's money a whole lot more which could be spent on something much more family benefiting. I'm done fooling around and waste time with my life. Time to be a man. (insyaAllah) I'll get buffed and stay fit by next year. Also I have 4 more re-sit papers (insyaAllah) By next year I can further continue my  studies in Diploma for Broadcasting. And also (insyaAllah) by next year I won't leave  a single 5 times a day  prayer. I'm determined to change into a better person, into a better muslim. I'm changing for myself and most of all for my dearest family, brothers, sister, mom & dad. (insyaAllah) my efforts wont go to waste. (Kau tunjukkanlah aku jalan yang Kau redhai Ya Allah, bukakanlah pintu hatiku, ampunilah dosa-dosaku dan terimalah taubatku yang ikhlas Ya Allah. Amin)