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Thursday, 2 June 2011

I Twist & I Turn

All I want is to be wanted, needed, you know to feel useful and important to someone. That's all I ever wished for. Turns out I don't need a partner, better off on my own I guess. I'm sick of all the love games, sick of putting so much hope even though I've promised my self not to put any high hopes but yet I still did so. Way to go dumbo, sigh.. See now you're the only who takes the fall, seriously how smart can you be Farhan? Tsk3 but somehow it doesn't feel so bad, not like how it suppose to. Guess I'm a lil' stronger now huh? Or so to say. Well enough of the emo$h!ts, by the way I've been thinking a lot about my "This Year's Things To Get" list, I'm gonna get my driving license for both bike and car first then my drum. Sigh the things I do for love : ( I really need my very own transportation (BADLY), scooter or car I don't mind as long as it has wheels and runs on petrol : D But first things first my DRIVING LICENSE that is most important for now. 

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