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Monday, 13 June 2011

My Very Own Pair of Lungs

Yesterday after work I hung out with my best friends which is Abelong, Abengoh & Abegeding (Fizi) at Sunway Pyramid. We went for the movies. X-Men First Class was FREAKING AWESOME! Seriously you guys have to go on watch it, trust me you won't regret it ; ) Plus I won free 2 movie tics trough a lucky draw, and I know just the right person to bring to the movies with ; D  I had a good time today, but I hate knowing that a good friend of mine has fallen ill at home while I'm enjoying myself. Please get well soon. I don't like worrying about you like this. "Ya Allah sembuhkanlah penyakit sahabat baik Nur Raihan ku Ya Allah, sesungguhnya penyembuh Mu tidak meninggalkan sebarang penyakit." Amiiin. Here's the rest of the pics, enjoy.

 Here's the free tics valid till 30th Oct 2011 : D

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