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Friday, 27 May 2011

Drummer Boi

 I want to be just like him : )

I am so into them drum. Though I've never lay-ed my hands on one, I have the passion for it and I want to get serious with drum. If I had to choose between any instrument in this world to play, yep you guessed it right capital DRUM : D Been wanting to get my hands on one since 2 years ago. Hopefully I'll be able to treat myself by getting me a decent drum kit somewhere around July InsyaAllah, after my payday of course. I've browsed and checked that an original first hand decent 5-piece set comes around RM700 to RM800 (without a cymbal which I have to buy separately and would cost me another RM300 to RM500) putting everything into account all together would cost me a month's pay, man that's a lot of cheese -. -" While the vintages one on the other hand (used) would cost me about RM500 to RM700 easily, but the conditions might not be as good as the original first hand drum kit. Sigh decisions, decisions. It seems that I'll have to extend my days of work due to the conditions of me getting one. Student/Part timer, tittle suitable for me soon. I'll also have to put my driving license 2nd on my "Things to get list". Sigh, the things I do for love : / Well my goal of the year is to get a decent drum kit and a driving license for both bike and car (which would cost me another RM1200 total) by capital THIS YEAR. No more capital DELAYS. Getting a Scooter is 1st on my "Next year things to get" list. Everything InsyaAllah of course : D

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