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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Manly Tears

When was the last time that you get to see a grown man cry?
It could be your brother,
it could be your dad,
it could be your uncle,
it could be your grandfather,
your best friend, your teacher or maybe even your boss.

That is right, it could have been ages ago when you last get to witness one.
Perhaps there was a death in the family,
Lost someone who meant so dearly to them,
or maybe the tears of joy streaming down their faces seeing that their children had achieve something that they could not have achieved or believed they could have before.

See man do not usually cry.
We cannot cry for something that is not worth crying.
But we do have a softer side.
When that something resides along with our way of living and no longer exist or something that is close and means a lot to us is lost, we too get emotional.

We too are familiar with the term 'crying'.
It is just that we do not usually show it to others.
If you have ever witnessed one of us crying and that if we cried because of you in particular, you must mean a lot to us. Consider yourself lucky to even witness it, what more when it is because of you.

Us crying shows how honest and decent we are.
Those tears are not made up, nor is it cheap and definitely are very hard to come by.
'Priceless tears' to be exact.
I find that there is nothing to be ashamed of with crying because I too cry every now and then, people just do not know it, that's all.
And like to Woman, crying too make us stronger.
It is good to cry every once in a while, because it reminds us of HIM
Reminds us that we as, weak beings look up to THE SUPERIOR ONE & ONLY

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