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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The (Almost) Perfect Love Letter

Dear Ve,

At times I am happy.
At times I am blue.
But with you, I always seem to be more & more cheerful.

At times my days are good.
At times my days are bad.
But, you always seem to make my day every single day.

At times I miss you.
At times I do not miss you.
But, always you slipped past my mind.

At times I want you.
At times I do not want you.
But I need you to be around me all the time.

At times I like you.
At times I do not like you.
But loving you is what I adore most.

At times I praise you.
At times I belittle you.
But in truth, I compliment you in both ways.

At times I appreciate you.
At times I take you for granted.
But I will always cherish you.

At times I am pleased with you.
At times I am annoyed by you.
But you are the very joy that fills me.

At times you look pretty.
At times you look decent.
But to me, you are always as gorgeous as how we first met.

At times I keep you company.
At times I ignore you.
But truth be told, I crave for your very attention.

At times I show you my love.
At times I hid my love from you.
But rest assured because, you are the only one who owns this demised heart of mine.

At times we may fight and scream in each others' faces, or I tend to fail or break your tiny heart.
And at times we are jolly together, holding each other's hands so tightly and wish that we would never ever part.
But despite all that, we are still here together.

See you and I, we both come with different packages. Different likes, different goals, different priorities, but because of those differences, we are so drawn to each other that it intertwines our path and binds us in place. No matter how rough the road gets, no matter how steep the steps get, I guess with us having each others' back, nothing is impossible. With that being said, I am thankful that you came into my life, happy to know that you are still here to this day, and proud to be calling you mine.

You are by far, my most favorite thing. 

Yours Truly,
(     Lo     )    

So if I were to have someone who I love and adore the most and that she is the one who is filling out every gap and every tiny hole of my deformed heart,this is exactly how I would write  my very own words of love letter (Not the most perfect love letter, but this is exactly how I would describe my love to her). Well, too bad I don't have one, tch. (I made those very words up, literally, every single word of that Love Letter, none of it is copy-pasted. NONE. Purely genuine words of mine)

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