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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I Woke Up Near The Sea

Location: Port Dickson

Yesterday I went to PD with my friends that I know back when I was working at Tropicana Life. It was such an awesome day, we all had fun. We headed for PD at around 1.30pm. Reached there at about 3pm plus I think? I brought something back from PD for Ian though it's nothing much, but I hope she likes it. There's tons more of pics but they're with Faizal. I'll update more pics once he tags me on Facebook, meanwhile enjoy these pics : )

 Jgnla puji saya, maluu ; P
 heee ; )
 From left: Eejay, Faizal, Fara (awek Faizal), Hazim
 Faizal and Alan
 Eejay and Hazim
 Claark Kent ; )
 Nom nom nom : D
 Drebar kami hahah

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