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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Fall, Rise, Fall, Rise Again

Syukur Alhamdulillah, I'm still here to publish yet another post. My life has been great this lately, I've been much happier ever since. I have my Ibu & Ayah, Mama, Brothers & Sisters, and Friends. My Family has grown throughout this year. I've made tons of new friends, I've met both good and bad people, interesting and dull ones too. But they are still my friends no matter what. I've been offered to work at DC Superheroes at Sunway Pyramid this 15th of November, and I've decided to take the offer (Thanks to Mokngoh) and I thank ALLAH for that. Thank YOU so much for everything that YOU've done for me and has given me. YOU've given me a life better than what I've previously had, I've aimed and expected for. I love YOU, always will. YOU've always been there for me. Although I might not see YOU, although I might not get to hold you, and although I might not feel your presence but I know YOU're always near to me, YOU've always been there all along. YOU've been talking to me through the people all around me, YOU've been answering my questions anonymously through them and that YOU've been helping me throughout my wasted years. Thank YOU so much. Please YOU forgive me for my past mistakes, the mistakes that I've deeply regretted. Now that YOU've given me a second chance, I'll make the best out of it. I've fallen, I've risen, yet I fell again, but I still rise no matter how bad I fall and I will never give up because YOU did not : ) 

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