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Sunday, 9 October 2011

My Dream Girl 3

My girl who'd play any sports or games with me (even though she doesn't like it or not good at it) just for the thrill of it.

My girl with (CAPITAL S) Self-respect.

My girl who's down to Earth.

My girl who doesn't make up stories what more lie to me.

My girl who's courteous.

My girl who's full of surprises.

My girl who's random at times.

My girl who smiles a lot.

My girl who laughs a lot

My girl who loves talking to me for hours without getting bored.

My girl who has big plans for her own future.

My girl who loves to act retarded-ly with me.

My girl who loves cats just as much as I do.

My girl who cares about the world.

My girl who's very ambitious.

My girl who dresses politely and doesn't show her privates to others.

My girl who's a family person.

My shorty girl (I mention this twice now because I'm attracted to short girls)

My girl who would help me with my assignments (bonus teehee)

My girl who's neat.

My girl who's talented in her own very way.

My girl who's gorgeous.

My girl who believes in herself.

One day I'll find her and when I do, I'll do my very best to take good care of her. InsyaAllah.


  1. im enchanted to meet the lucky girl .. :)
    n i hope u will find the person ...
    the girl is waiting for her dream boy too :)

  2. InsyaAllah. Thank you Eira, in due time we'll meet each other, me and her : D