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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Yes, It's A Problem

(Btw this pic was taken during my trip in Penang, did a little touch up to it and voila)

I have a little problem with myself, 
I tend to fall in love "a little too easily".
And yes I know it's a problem, but hey can you really blame it on me?
Not to worry, I'm gonna fix this.
Seems being a softy doesn't cut out for me, 
the people around me nor with everything I do.
Everyone keeps stepping on my toes, again and over again.
Be thankful I'm being nice to you, 'cause you can't handle the opposite.
Gotta bring back that "pack-a-punch-ego" of mine.
And I'm content with being alone, and no I don't want your pity.
So I'm gonna to stick with the real thing
That is my beliefs, my family and my best friends.
You have proven yourself worthy of nothing more than all of the above.
That's all that matters to me right now, 
not her
not them
and not even you.

But that doesn't mean I've given up on love, 
I'm just fed up with the outcomes that I've encountered.

P.S: No hard feelings : )

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